LANSING, MI, September 28, 2017 – League of Our Own is celebrating a successful launch this past weekend on Mackinac Island.

The League hosted an event at the Pink Pony on Mackinac Island to introduce the League of Our Own to those attending the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday, September 23, 2017. The event was hosted in partnership with Michigan Excellence in Public Service (MEPSS).

“There are many organizations that recruit women to run for office. Where there seems to be a gap, are organizations that provide training to women who want to run for office. League of Our Own is here to fill that gap by calling on a statewide network of talent to mentor and develop women who have an interest in being leaders in their community,” said Kristin Fair, the League’s Training and Mentoring Manager. “There are women leaders in every community across the state and the nation, yet women continue to be under-represented at every level of government. League of Our Own wants to challenge them to get involved, and empower them to be leaders on local school boards and city councils, in the state house and senate, in Congress and beyond.”

For more information, please visit www.LeagueofOurOwn.org.


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Excerpt from the New York Times:

Fed up with the government shutdown in 2013, Senator Susan Collins took the floor, presented a three-point plan and implored colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work with her.

As soon as she walked off, her phone rang. The first senators to call her, she said, were women: Kelly Ayotte and Lisa Murkowski, fellow Republicans, and Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat.

“I’ve always thought that was significant,” said Ms. Collins, a Republican from Maine. “And indeed, we put together a plan for the reopening of government, and women led the way.”

Tuesday failed to be a ceiling-shattering day for women in government. In addition to Hillary Clinton’s loss, the number of female governors dropped to five from six, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers. Kate Brown of Oregon was the only woman to win a governor’s race. The number of women in Congress stayed flat at 104, or 19 percent of seats. (The Senate had a net gain of one woman and the House a net loss of one.) Thirteen states will send no women to the 115th Congress, including Mississippi and Vermont, which have never had a woman in Congress.

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