Coach Spotlight: Eva M. Pusateri


We sat down with League of Our Own Coach, Eva M. Pusateri recently to catch up with her team and learn more about her background.

Check it out below!


LOOO: What is your background?

Eva: I started out as a campaign volunteer, and over the years worked my way up to manager. Next, I moved to Washington DC to serve as a campaign consultant providing campaign general strategy, and paid and earned communications to include tv, radio, mail. Been winning campaigns for over 30 years and have also been providing training and coaching to candidates, specializing with women candidates. For the League, I have provided three training sessions on:

  1. Is running for office for you?
  2. Branding
  3. Delivering your message


LOOO: Biggest issue facing women interested in politics?

Eva: For women “interested” in politics, as opposed to already in politics, I think we suffer the “tiara effect”. This means we think doing the work is enough and someone will reward us with the ultimate job/elected position. It doesn’t happen that way, instead it requires women to be able to promote themselves, stand tall doing it and fight for what they want.


LOOO: What is your favorite campaign memory?

Eva: There are lots of fun and interesting memories, including winning the campaign the first time I served as a campaign manager when everyone was positive my candidate was going to lose. Lesson learned: Keep fighting to fight because it ain’t over, until it’s over!


LOOO: What are you reading or listening to via podcast?

Eva: I switch back and forth from “To Live and Die in LA” (off topic) to more applicable topics of leadership speeches on TedTalks with a little “She Said, She Said” which talks with and promotes GOP women.


LOOO: What is your favorite baseball team?

Eva: The Cubs!


LOOO: What do you do for fun?

Eva: Watch/listen to political talk shows. Travel, enjoy Chicago’s lakefront (in the summer of course) and outdoor concerts!

Thanks for chatting with us, Eva!

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