The League of Our Own 101

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Women make up 51% of the population but come nowhere near that when it comes to political representation. Gender parity is important. It is important for our legislative bodies to look like our sidewalks and diversity in our public officials means diversity in the life experiences of those public officials. There is no question that doesn’t lead to better public policy.


Because more women need to run, we created League of Our Own. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you have seen the articles. Women are underrepresented and as women, we know that women approach running for office differently. Not only do they need to be asked more than men, but they need to feel supported. They need confidence and credentials. League of Our Own is taking a comprehensive approach to getting women involved in the political process. We are providing them training, support, mentorship, and a COMMUNITY. The League if made up of volunteers who serve as:


Fans: the heart and soul of the League. Fans are the backbone of every campaign operation-they support candidates by hosting meet and greets, going door to door, and volunteering on campaigns.


Scouts: are the boots on the ground. They are active in their communities and know what qualities a good candidate possesses. They attend community functions often and meet knew people regularly. This is why they are the best resource at finding new talent. They are regularly meeting potential prospects.


Prospects: are what this is all about. Talented women who want to run for office, now or in the future. From local office all the way to federal, the League is here to support these prospects.


Coaches: are the best and brightest minds in their field and they share in our belief that getting more women elected is important. That’s why they have agreed to coach or prospects and mentor them as they go through the campaign.


By working together, our network is going to get more women involved and elected.


Here is how it works: we recruit scouts around the state to find prospects. The scouts invite the prospect to join the League. Ideally, this happens long before a woman is ready to put her name on the ballot. Then, we meet with the prospect and learn more about what is driving them to run and what their experience is. After this assessment we pair them up with coaches and curriculum to help them where they think they most need it. Our system allows them to learn and grow in a safe, supportive community over the long term. It is truly the first of its kind.


Confidence, credentials, coaching, community, curriculum.


Welcome to League of Our Own. Sign up at an follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ourownleague


-Kristin Fair, Training and Mentoring Manager, League of Our Own