The Future is Now

Every two years, Republican delegates convene to elect a new state party chair to lead us through the upcoming election cycle. Prior to casting their votes, delegates carefully consider each candidates’ leadership ability and past experiences.


This year, delegates convene on February 23rd and will witness something a little unusual: the choice between two female candidates.


While the Michigan Republican Party has been led by a female in the past – most recently Ronna Romney McDaniel – it is rare that the only candidates for state party chair are female. In other words, no matter the outcome on February 23rd, the Michigan Republican Party will be led by a woman for the next two years – and we cannot be more excited.


With two women vying for the highest leadership position within the Michigan Republican Party, it is no secret there is momentum in our state– and it’s growing every day. More women are feeling empowered to run for leadership positions, public office or simply become more involved in the cause.


So, while some say the future is female, we say the future is now.


We hope to see you in Lansing for the 2019 Michigan Republican State Convention on Saturday, February 23rd to congratulate our new leader, and thank both candidates for being a strong voice for women across the state – and country.