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About Us

There is a problem in American politics. While women make up 51% of the population in America, they account for only 28% of state legislative seats held across the country. The disparity is huge and our system of governance is suffering.

Decades of research have shown that women govern differently and that difference matters. League of Our Own is dedicated to finding talented women to run for office and provide them the tools, resources, training and mentorship they need to be successful candidates and effective leaders. Welcome to League of Our Own.

The League

The League is made up of fans, scouts, prospects and coaches. We are broadening the bench through a state-wide network of people who want to run for office either now or in the future and people who can support them across the board. Additionally, we are giving them the tools and training they need to be a successful support network, successful candidates and effective elected officials.

Support the League and our candidates through social media, meet and greets, fundraisers, & more.
Recognize and recruit talented women to run for office.
Women who would make excellent candidates & elected officials, and are willing to work to make a difference.
Successful women who can serve as mentors to prospects, and provide guidance to the League.

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League of Our Own
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